Who are we?

POTHEFSTROOM ANIMAL WELFARE (P.A.W.S.), previous management of the Potchefstroom SPCA, underwent a major management structure revamp by looking at the services the organization offer to the public and compared it to what it was serving under the SPCA brand. This resulted in a proactive decision by a unanimous vote of the Management Committee to resign from that brand and re-brand itself to a more user friendly and open organization to the Potchefstroom Community and its animals, now P.A.W.S.

  • Pound Services (Boarding)
  • Veterinary Assistance
  • Re-homing program
  • Fostering &
  • Pro-active Inspections
Stray and Unwanted Animal Care

Stray and Unwanted Animal Care (Pound Services) without the pressure of Euthanizing healthy animals; Municipal Pound for both Large and Small animals;

Verinary Assistance

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Re-homing program

PAWS understands that guardians have many reasons why they believe they cannot keep their pets. That's why PAWS has developed a Re-homing Service for dogs and cats.


Fostering and working with reputable Rescue Breeds’ Organizations

Pro-active Inspections

Pro-active Inspections at All Animal housing and brokering facilities like Pet Shops, Breeders and Auction houses;

Where pets find their people!

Hundreds of adoptable pets are looking for people. People Like You


I've been in the shelter a while. I am a little shy. It is a bit crowded here at the shelter, lots of big dogs, I get scared sometimes. But they say I am very cute and someone will fall in love with me and adopt me soon.


Tyana is a great dog! She's obediant, more of a follower than a leader, and very calm. Se is only approximately two years older but seems a lot older because of her mellow temperament. She's a medium dog.


My sister Gracie and I used to have a family. They were nice people but he got had to move to a newer house and could not take us with, as the new was a "No Pets Allowed" place. So we landed up here.

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